• Jospeh Conza

5 Marketing Tips Businesses Need in 2021

(You haven’t heard these)

Be yourself, be consistent, don’t give up — you’ve read these tips a million times when it comes to social media marketing. Are you finally ready for some real talk?

Then read on.

I’m Joseph Conza, the founder of Conza Media. I’ve grown up with social media, built my audience to 170K+ when I was a teenager and now help my clients build brand awareness with creative marketing from a Gen-Z perspective.

If I know one thing, it’s how to stand out online. Here, I’m revealing my top 5 marketing tips businesses are missing out on when trying to be visible on social media.

Tip #1: Having a Signature Style

If your business doesn’t have a signature style or a distinctive branding look online then you can’t expect people to remember you. This is what will make your content stick out among thousands of other pieces. You don’t want to be lost in the already busy space. You want to separate your brand and elevate from the rest. Showcase your brand’s uniqueness through your signature style.

Tip #2: Showcasing your USP

This goes hand in hand with tip #1. Showing off your unique selling point is just as important as a signature branding style. Because if your content does have a signature style but it doesn’t convey or promote the unique selling point of your business then you’re blocking your own success. Inform your potential customers of what makes your business different and why they should choose you over another company. Get clear on what makes your product or service unique, and then tell them.

Tip #3: Staying up to date with competition

Always reinvent yourself and evolve as trends come and go and new forms of content are being used. For your brand to be an industry leader and authority in your field you need to know what your competition is doing. Most companies don’t use engaging or using fresh video content in their strategy, and there’s a massive potential being missed in this area.Know what competitors are doing online and always be 5 steps ahead.

Tip #4: Creative and Gen-Z approach

It’s all good and well that your business is creating content and showing up online, but are you just making an invisible first impression? You don’t want basic, average content- you want a creative fresh approach. If you want a cutting edge on your competition and stand out in a sea of content, you need to have a different perspective from everyone else. At Conza Media for example, we have grown up with social media and help our clients by using the same strategies that brought our own audience to over 100K. Our fresh, Gen-Z approach gives our clients the different touch they need to stand out online.

Tip #5: Using more video content

Video is the most interactive and engaging form of content. If you’re trying to attract potential business, your content needs to be engaging and straight to the point. Research has shown that attention spans are much shorter nowadays and if your content doesn’t capture people’s attention in the first couple of seconds then that’s another potential customer lost.

So if your company hasn’t delved into social media YET and think that you don’t need it to grow or benefit you then you’re holding your company back from evolving. Staying up to date with this day and age and digitising your business is fundamental for a long term successful sustainable business.

Just remember .. if you aren’t creating content-at-scale and putting your brand or business out online, then there is a ZERO percent chance your business will be found online.