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We're different because
built different.

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Joseph Conza - Founder

Hi, I’m Joe 👋🏼

10 years ago, I built a personal brand on Youtube to over 150,000 subscribers and 10.5M content views. This allowed me to work with billion $ brands like Angry Birds, Daniel Wellington and DreamWorks TV (all who reached out to me).

Now using my first hand experience and data-backed strategy, I help Founders and CEOs do the same here on LinkedIn.

The truth is: business is personal. We buy from people we like. But most importantly from those we TRUST.

And that's exactly what personal branding does, builds trust.

I started Conza Media as most business owners don't know how to stand out or attract opportunities on LinkedIn.

So we do it for you.

We position you as the business and service of CHOICE in your industry — using our proven framework.

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Not leveraging social media content is like opening a business and not telling anyone.

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