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Is your LinkedIn content getting you all of this?

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Personal branding for Recruitment Owners who
want to attract new clients on LinkedIn

We get you seen by the *right people*


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Month 1 🚀

Month 12 🚀🚀

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Belinda agnew

“Conza Media have type, taste and creative which is why they will always excel in this niche. Investing in my personal brand has proven to be one of the best decisions I've made.”

Belinda Agnew - Co Partner @ xEnabler

Your dream clients are on LinkedIn.
But how are you showing up? 🤔

Probably not in the most effective way.

The truth is, you know you should and *need* to be marketing your agency, but you lack the know-how and time to execute what it takes to get results, and with good reason:

Your focus is to manage and grow your agency... not master LinkedIn, right? 

When we work together you get access to a team of experts, who have the right proven process and first-hand experience to build you a robust online presence that generates results, but most importantly, one that you feel proud of.

We've been building personal brands since 2014, so you're in the best hands.

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Trusted by leading brands 

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Results we've generated for 25+ clients:

💸 £120,000 in inbound business in 2 months of working together (A recruitment client was given 9 roles to fill exclusively - C-suite and SDR roles)

🍾 £24,000 worth of inbound business within 4 weeks of partnering with us (This recruitment agency was given 2 roles to fill)

🔥 Created and executed the social media strategy which nurtured 30,000 leads and resulted in a $1.5 million online course launch.

🚀 Took our client Kate from a 1-woman business to now

a team of 7 and multi-six figures in inbound revenue.

👥 5000+ profile visitors every month on LinkedIn.

⚡️Positioned as an industry leader and the go-to service.


📢 1100% increase in brand awareness.

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“Around 30-40% of business comes from LinkedIn and personal branding

— Dagmara, Recruiter @ Green Recruitment Company

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Done-for-you Personal Branding

We know you’re busier than most, and the last thing you want to worry about is growing on LinkedIn – so we do it for you:

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Personal branding isn't just about creating content. It's about generating opportunities

The Return on
Investment Calculator

The results we generate for our clients, makes it a no-brainer.

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“We’ve used Conza Media for a number of different things over the last year. Joe has a unique but grounded view, creating content that is both real and current. It also drives traffic to your brand and company.”

Howard - CEO @ Recruitment Agency

Got any questions?
Send me a DM!

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